At 97 Heaven, our goal is to transform the fashion industry through a commitment to sustainability and ethics. We're dedicated to preserving the planet and supporting ethical working conditions while providing you with timeless, handpicked vintage pieces. Here's how we do it:


1. Sustainable Sourcing:

Secondhand First: We exclusively offer vintage items, thus reducing the harmful environmental impact of the fashion industry. Our European suppliers help us rescue clothing that might otherwise end up in landfills.

European Partnerships: We work closely with European suppliers, many of them individuals or family-owned businesses. This collaboration supports local, ethical working conditions and minimises emissions due to proximity.


2. Ethical Supply Chain:

Fair Compensation: We ensure fair compensation for our suppliers and other employees, enabling them to maintain their livelihoods and provide us with unique, high-quality vintage pieces.

Community Building: Our relationships with suppliers go beyond business, built on trust and collaboration. This ethos extends to the fair and ethical working conditions they maintain.


3. Fostering Change:

Reducing Fast Fashion: We combat the damaging effects of fast fashion by offering vintage alternatives. We extend the lifetime and environmental impact of each garment, redirecting profits from fast fashion to the sustainable sector.

Timeless Fashion: Vintage pieces are timeless and reduce the need for constant consumption. We curate vintage pieces mindfully as an alternative to fast fashion.


4. Environmental Responsibility:

Reduced Emissions: Our European-focused sourcing approach minimises transportation emissions due to our suppliers' proximity.

Sustainable Packaging: We advocate for sustainable packaging, including biodegradable mail bags and recycled wood pulp ribbons. We pay a premium for these environmentally-friendly alternatives — at 97 Heaven, we always prioritise ethics and sustainability over profit.


5. Accessibility:

Affordable Options: We know that sustainable fashion isn’t always a realistic or affordable option for everyone, leading to a reliance on harmful fast fashion. To counter this, we have created a £10 & under section and curate £5 website drops.


Every purchase with us supports sustainability and ethical practices, moving towards a more responsible world. Explore our latest curated vintage collection here.